Campus Housing

Information and rates for on-campus housing during reunions.

Housing in the Colleges

Alumni may stay overnight in student rooms in the residential college that serves as reunion headquarters.

Reunion headquarters assignments are as follows:

Class of 1958 - Jonathan Edwards
Class of 1963 - Branford
Class of 1968 - Davenport
Class of 1973 - Timothy Dwight
Class of 1978 - Pierson
Class of 2008 - Old Campus
Class of 2013 - Silliman

Although somewhat spartan and designed for students, campus housing offers camaraderie and convenience. Fees are per-person: $97/one night, $119/two nights, $141/three nights. Children under 10 are housed free if in a sleeping bag or portable crib; Yale does not provide cribs. Alumni and guests are housed in the location that serves as reunion headquarters.

Campus renovations have dramatically altered suites: most have multiple bedrooms and a common room, and bedrooms are a mix of singles and doubles. Guests will usually share a suite with other attendees; single attendees may share a bedroom, and couples may be assigned to two single bedrooms. Families are kept together in a suite. Bathrooms are communal and may be co-ed or on another floor; their doors cannot be locked.

Private accommodations cannot be provided except for medical reasons. There are a limited number of handicapped-accessible rooms and rooms with non-electronic access (for religious observance). All requests for special accommodations must be received by Thursday, May 10th.

Beds are singles and permanent bunk beds are common; upper bunks are not assigned to the Classes of 1953-1983. Rooms have dressers, desks and chairs and other student furniture may be stored there. Yale provides linens (sheets, blanket, pillow, pillowcase), towels, washcloths, and soap. Campus rooms do not have phones, air conditioning, or fans. Most have overhead lighting only; a desk lamp may be requested and bringing a "book light" is helpful.  Wifi internet access is available. All Yale buildings are strictly non-smoking.

Alumni may submit up to two roommate requests via their registration. Please contact your classmates first and make sure that they also submit a request to room with you. While we are able to satisfy the majority of roommate requests, we are sometimes limited by the volume of requests or room configurations. With the exception of families with children and alumni with special needs, housing requests cannot be guaranteed or confirmed in advance. Please contact AYA with any questions before registering.

If you choose to stay in campus housing, please arrive at the gate serving as the college's main entrance. This gate will be marked by a large reunion banner; other college gates are usually locked throughout reunions; however, once you receive your key card at registration, it will unlock those gates. Simply wave your kay card in front of the small box next to the gate. Main entrances are located as follows:

Branford: York St.
Davenport: York St.
Jonathan Edwards: High St. (unload on York St.)
Old Campus: College or High St.
Pierson: York St.
Timothy Dwight: Temple St.
Silliman: College St.

Please note that your campus housing must coincide with your reunion registration.

​Yale cares deeply about the health and well-being of its students, faculty, staff and visitors. That is why the university is committed to supporting a tobacco-free campus. Leading the charge among its Ivy peers, the focus of Tobacco Free Yale is on improving the health and environment of our overall community. The goals of the Tobacco Free Yale Initiative are to: create a healthier university community, foster a campus culture in which tobacco users are supported in their quit attempts and become a model for developing a tobacco-free campus. On a tobacco-free campus, smoking cigarettes, including e-cigarettes, and the use of all tobacco products is prohibited in all areas including property leased or owned by the university.

There are no designated smoking areas on a tobacco-free campus. Yale’s goal is for all cigarette urns to be phased out over the next year. However, during this transition phase and as our visitors adjust to our policy, a limited number of designated smoking areas will be placed at conference centers and be at least 25 feet away from doorways and air intakes. For more information on this important Yale initiative please visit Tobacco Free Yale at