The AYA Assembly


The AYA Assembly is the preeminent leadership information and development program for alumni. It is actually two things: (1) the body of delegates, as outlined by the AYA Constitution, who serve as representatives of the alumni community; and (2) the annual gathering of these delegates back at Yale on the weekend of the last home football game in November.

Delegates are elected or appointed to attend the Assembly as a representative of a regional Yale Club, a Yale College class, a graduate or professional school alumni association, or a shared interest group. In addition, there are other volunteer leaders who serve as ex officio delegates, as well as “At-Large” delegates who represent alumni outside of these constituencies.


On the Thursday of Assembly weekend, delegates attend informational and educational sessions organized around a theme, usually a particular aspect of Yale life: the theme for 2013, for example, was “New Haven at 375: Celebrating a Remarkable City,” while for 2014 it was “The Entrepreneurial Spirit at Yale.” Sessions on Friday are focused on leadership development, and generally feature small-group breakouts and hands-on sessions designed to be useful to the delegates in their volunteer capacities. The Yale Medal Dinner in Commons takes place on Thursday night in odd-numbered years, on Friday night in even-numbered years. On Saturday, the AYA hosts a special Alumni Village tailgate event at the Yale Bowl preceding the football game.


  • Those planning on attending the Assembly should make every effort to be in New Haven in time for the Thursday sessions, which begin at 9:15 in the morning. (Assembly registration begins at 8:00 that morning.)


Specific Assembly schedule information is sent to all delegates in the early fall. It is also available on-line through a link on this website once it has been sent out. For more information on the Assembly prior to then, contact Bob Bonds ’71 at