Yale College Reunions

We're Looking Forward to 2016 Reunions!

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2016 Reunion Dates

May 26-29, 2016:               15th, 20th, 25th, 30th, 35th, 55th, 65th
June 2-5, 2016:                  5th, 10th, 40th, 45th, 50th, 60th

Your Reunion Checklist

  • Save the date for your reunion!  (See dates at left)
  • Let your friends know you’re coming
  • Look for registration information in late winter
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Click on your class year at left for more information: program highlights, hotel rates and conference codes, campus housing details, child care and more, including a list of those who hope to attend  –  click on the "Pre-Register Now!" link on your class's page to add your own name.

Please note: At this point, you are letting us know that you may be coming to your reunion, but this spring you will need to actually register for meals, campus housing and child care. Please look for our official reunion registration materials in late winter.

If you need accommodations, you may stay in a student room on campus or at a local hotel (see links at left). Campus housing reservations are made with your reunion registration in the spring.

2016 Reunion Chairs

Have ideas for your upcoming reunion program? Want to volunteer? Contact your reunion chair(s) today, and check out our Facebook page, Yale College Reunions, for the latest news and information.

Class of 1951 – 65th Reunion
Putney Westerfield – putneyw@pacbell.net

Class of 1956 – 60th Reunion
Bud Prince – georgebprince@aol.com
Ray Foote – RFoote23@aol.com

Class of 1961 – 55th Reunion
Paul Downey – pauldowney17@gmail.com

Class of 1966 50th Reunion
Cary Koplin – ckoplin@nb.com
Greg Weiss – gweiss@stblaw.com

Class of 1971 45th Reunion
Ken Freeman – kenneth.m.freeman@gmail.com
Jean Brenner – celloladynyc@gmail.com

Class of 1976 – 40th Reunion
Ken Jennings kvbjennings@gmail.com

Class of 1981 – 35th Reunion
Shannon O'Brien – shannonpobrien@yahoo.com

Class of 1986 – 30th Reunion
Richard Roberts – rtroberts1@msn.com

Class of 1991 – 25th Reunion
Mark Badger mbadge@gmail.com
Alex Emery alex.emery@permira.com
Marilyn Glen richard_ma49@hotmail.com
Karen Wehner karen@thetimetribe.com
Brian Wimer brian.wimer@embargmail.com

Class of 1996 – 20th Reunion
Coren Stern  sternc@yahoo.com
Joanna Weintraub jweintraub@gmail.com
Jamie Wells jamiewells@rcn.com

Class of 2001 – 15th Reunion
Jennifer Anderson jenniferwilde3@gmail.com
Will Crawford william.crawford@gmail.com
Johnny Scafidi johnny.scafidi@yale.edu

Class of 2006 – 10th Reunion
Priscilla Adams priscilla.adams@gmail.com
Priscila Bala priscilapbala@gmail.com
Dan Weeks dmweeks@gmail.com
Aaron Zelinsky aaron.zelinsky@gmail.com

Class of 2011 – 5th Reunion
Fielding Kidd fbkiddo@mac.com
James Wyper jpwyper@gmail.com