Assembly LXV

In After Years
November 17-19, 2005

Assembly LXVI: November 9-11, 2006

For God, For Country and For Yale:
The Importance of Service at Yale and Beyond

Past attendees will recall that each Assembly is developed around a particular theme or broad subject area. At Assembly LXVI, we will explore the importance of service in the life of the University. The program will feature a number of student organizations, as well as university-sponsored initiatives. We invite you to read on for more details.


Assembly LXVII: November 15-17, 2007

Yale in a Green World:
Meeting the Challenge of Sustainability

Assembly LXVIII: November 13-15, 2008

From Print to Pixel:
Carrying Forward the Legacy of Publishing at Yale

Past Assemblies

  • Assembly LXXVII  ·  Fall 2017
    Creating Communities at Yale
  • Assembly LXXVI  ·  Fall 2016
    Teaching to Our Strengths: Yale’s Schools of Art, Architecture, Drama and Music

Assembly LXXII: November 8-10, 2012

AYA Assembly LXXII

The goal of Assembly LXXII (Nov. 8–10, 2012) was to understand why alumni service is important to Yale; to showcase the service-enabling programs now supported by the AYA, most of which did not exist five years ago; and to explore the many ways Yale alumni can be engaged in volunteer service today.

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