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Eleanor Babbitt
Senior Director for Clubs and Associations
(203) 432-7099
1201 Chapel Street
Robert Bonds
Associate Director for Clubs and Associations
(203) 432-1948
1201 Chapel Street
Michael Dobbs
Director for Clubs and Associations
(203) 436-8491
1201 Chapel Street
Johnson Flucker
Director for Clubs and Associations
(203) 436-8817
1201 Chapel Street
Darlene Gost
Administrative Assistant for Clubs and Associations
(203) 432-1951
1201 Chapel Street
Diane Morrissey
Associate Director for Clubs and Associations
(203) 432-1946
1201 Chapel Street



Major Cities

Did you know that nearly half of Yale alumni live in seven major metropolitan areas? As part of the Strategic Plan, the AYA has made an effort to increase support to clubs in the "major cities," even as we explore how to better serve all alumni, including our international graduates and affiliates. Use the links below to find club information from the seven major cities.

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Suggested Speakers & Topics

Below is a partial list of speakers and possible topics. Click on a name for information about that speaker, or on a school/department link for additional ideas. Click here for details on how to request a speaker for your Yale Club event through the AYA-Redpath Speakers Program.

AYA-Redpath Speakers Program

The AYA-Redpath Speakers Program sends current Yale faculty and administrators to speak to alumni at Yale Club luncheons, receptions, annual dinners and other special events. We look forward to working with you to find the right speaker for your needs.  We are very pleased to have support from the Robert U. Redpath Jr. ’28 Fund to make this important program possible.

Popular Club Programs

No two Yale Clubs offer exactly the same range of programs, but the ones listed here are among the most popular around the world.


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