1985 - 30th Reunion (May 21-24, 2015)

MAY 21-24, 2015

1975 - 40th Reunion (May 28-31, 2015)


1970 - 45th Reunion (May 28-31, 2015)

Greetings Classmates and Friends,

1965 - 50th Reunion (May 28-31, 2015)

Dear Classmates and Friends:

Plans are well under way for the 50th Reunion of the Yale Class of 1965 to take place from Thursday, May 28 through Sunday, May 31, 2015. Our base of operations will be Davenport College. Earlier communications mentioned the possibility of a Wednesday start, but logistics will not permit this, so the reunion will start on Thursday just as in the past.

Reunion Giving

An FAQ provided by the Yale Office of Development

The reunion gift is a stretch commitment above and beyond your ongoing support. To mark a reunion, many alumni make a larger-than-usual Alumni Fund gift, while some choose a multi-year annual pledge. Others make a significant capital gift or pledge in
addition to their typical annual contribution to the Alumni Fund.

What counts in the reunion gift?

1950 - 65th (May 21-24, 2015)

YALE 1950

65th Reunion

May 21 - 24, 2015


1963 Symposium on Yale Athletics

The 50th Reunion Class of 1963

Symposium on Yale Athletics
Saturday June 1, 2013, 8:45 am

Sprague Hall

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