Special Needs

Services for Alumni Visitors with Special Needs

In keeping with Yale’s non-discrimination policy, the AYA strives to make its alumni programs as accessible as possible to all alumni. Because individual situations vary and because we wish to respect personal preferences, AYA staff work with alumni on a case-by-case basis to identify the ways we can assist with those needs and accommodate them whenever and wherever possible.

In order to have sufficient time to make the appropriate arrangements, we do ask alumni attending AYA programs to advise us of special needs at least two weeks in advance of an event.



All of the downtown hotels used most often in conjunction with AYA programs offer wheelchair-accessible and ADA-compliant accommodations. We encourage alumni who might want to avail themselves of such accommodations to contact the hotels directly to get more information. The AYA typically provides transportation to and from alumni program sessions (see below).


Transportation – Ground and on-campus

For AYA-sponsored programs, we are often able to make special arrangements for alumni with mobility limitations to move to and from campus and designated local hotels. Depending on individual circumstances, these transportation arrangements may include Yale's lift-equipped van or other services. Please note that we are unable to provide transportation to locations and activities that are not associated with an AYA-sponsored event.

Upon request, we can provide contact information for services that provide special ground transportation to and from Tweed New Haven, Bradley International, and New York area airports.



Once here, AYA staff make every effort to ensure that alumni visitors with limited mobility are able to participate fully in alumni programs. Since some campus buildings are not fully accessible, we do ask individuals to give us an indication of session preferences (when a choice is offered) so we can schedule the particular session in an accessible location. AYA makes every effort to use wheelchair-accessible locations whenever possible. Note that most large auditoriums and spaces used for event registration are fully accessible.


AYA Contacts

For questions about Yale College Reunions accessibility, please contact Karen Jahn at karen.jahn@yale.edu or (203) 432-1954.

For questions regarding accessibility at other AYA-sponsored alumni events, please contact Jenny Chavira at jenny.chavira@yale.edu or (203) 436-3574.


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