Yale Jefferson Award

Yale Jefferson Award Selection Information & Criteria

To be considered for the Yale/Jefferson Award, candidates must have a demonstrated involvement in a Yale service project OR make substantial use of Yale resources for an outside service project. In order to continue to establish the link between the Jefferson tradition of service and the commitment of STAY to Yale values, candidates are limited to those who have committed much of their time to a Yale-generated service project, or to those who have made demonstrable use of Yale resourced in the pursuit of social justice. This may include involvement in a variety of existing alumni enterprises: classes, clubs, SIGs, G&P associations, YASC, YaleGALE, local Yale Club chapters, activity within the AYA or STAY, Yale Day of Service, etc. Alternatively, award candidates may demonstrate their involvement through Yale-related channels other than those already in existence.

In evaluating each candidate, the committee consider the following questions:

  • What is the scope of this individual’s contributions to public service? How many people have been affected and for how long will they be affected? What is the potential for this individual’s contributions to public service to be replicated? Did this individual inspire others to follow in his/her footsteps? Do this individual’s activities serve as a template that can be followed and developed by others?
  • What is the depth of this individual’s contributions to public service? Did this individual’s actions save lives and limbs? Did his/her actions help preserve fundamental freedoms? Did his/her actions contribute to greater equality? Did his/her actions improve access to resources and opportunities?
  • What was the extent of the individual’s dedication to his/her causes? How much time, energy, personal comfort and treasure did he/she contribute to promoting change?
  • How meaningfully did the individual make use of the Yale community and resources in the furtherance of his/her public service projects? Will the individual’s efforts have a lasting impact on the Yale community in terms of:
    • the development of meaningful connections between undergraduates, professional and graduate students, and alumni?
    • inspiring a greater devotion to public service among a cross-section of Yale affiliates?

Please submit candidate nominations (no later than Friday, April 15, 2016) to: stephen.blum@yale.edu or to Stephen Blum, Yale/AYA, 232 York Street, New Haven, CT 06520.

To see the initial (2012) press release for the Yale Jefferson Award, click here.