Getting Name Lists

As Club and Association boards and committees begin planning each year’s activities, it is important to have up-to-date information concerning the alumni residing in your Club or Association territory.


Details & Rules

  1. All lists in any form must be ordered. All orders for rosters should be sent directly to Rosa Edwards at Development and Alumni Services. See above for Order Forms.


  2. Please allow two weeks for Alumni Services to process your order for an alumni roster. These lists will include all the basic data on alumni, parents and spouses of deceased alumni in your area (including e-mail addresses if we have them).


  3. You might also consider periodically ordering move-in lists to learn of new alumni to your area.


  4. Note: Filling out the forms linked above is the fastest way to obtain your order.


  5. Development and Alumni Services can also print and mail materials to all the alumni living in your area. While you will need to pay for this service, you can have Alumni Services print and mail letters, invitations, newsletters, postcards, etc. to all alumni in your area. You will need to allow three weeks for processing, and you should call Rosa Edwards at (203) 432-5751 for information on how to arrange such a mailing.


  6. Please help Yale track changes of address by collecting returned envelopes. People move often, and you can help Alumni Services maintain the master database by bundling returned mail and sending it to Angelyn Singer, Manager of Data Maintenance, P. O. Box 208262, New Haven, Connecticut 06520-8262. Whenever possible please send the actual returned envelopes as they often have forwarding addresses and are much easier for Alumni Services to work with. Bounced back e-mail addresses may also be sent to Angelyn at


  7. Encourage alumni in your area to register for the Online Alumni Directory at Alumni can update their own information and obtain up-to-date address information for classmates and friends.


  8. Please remember that Yale names and addresses may be used only for club or association related activities and announcements. Alumni entrust the University to respect their privacy and the use of their contact information. Our practice of entrusting the information to volunteers stands or falls on volunteer willingness to protect the information and limit its use to club or association related activities.